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27 January, 2016 - 12:56 (5 years 20 weeks)
5 February, 2016 - 21:30 (5 years 18 weeks)

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Hola buenas estoy aprendiendo inglés a nivel de conversación oral... Mi novia vive en estados unidos y tengo pensado ir a vivir ahí.

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Hola buena.. he creado un texto en español y lo he traducido al inglés... si me pueden dar su opinion y comentarme si ven algun error se lo agradezco.

Every morning I open my eyes slowly, I take a deep breath, feeling every part of my body while I stretch my muscles. I recover from sleep and quickly became aware of the space and time, and that's when you flood my mind filling a huge void and giving meaning to my life, and even if one day you decide to leave me, I want you to know that every morning I will look at that hugeness and there will be your mark, where I can take refuge and seek in the depths of my mind for those wonderful moments I lived with you.
Since I met you I became addicted .... to your melody, your style, your smell, your skin and your taste...
I do not want to think ... I just want to sleep and return to the time when you gave me the first kiss !!