Foto: ¿ Alguien escucho hablar de la campaña #NoNosVamosNosEchan ?, la Comunidad de Españoles en el Mundo, (c) Excluido

Museumplein, Amsterdam (I am Amsterdam)
We are not leaving Spain, they are kicking us out.

* In Spain, the youth unemployment rate is above 50%, and out of the young people who are actually working, 60% have precarious contracts.
* This explains that for the first time since the 70s, the migration tendency has inversed in Spain, and we have again more emigrants than inmigrants. All around the world we can find young Spanish people whose only choice was to look for opportunities abroad because there where none in their country.

* The 7th of April there will be international action under their slogan "We`re not leaving, they are kicking us out" to protest for this situation.
* In Amsterdam, we will meet at 13h in Museumplein (Iamsterdam sign). Everyone who wants to show his/her solidarity is of course welcome. There will be some surprises. Feel free to bring stuff to make noise, coloured chalks and banners.