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DV 2016 - Información, experiencias, dudas, comentarios, etc.

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Miembro desde 20 Oct 2014 - 14:25

He leído esto:

"My (optimistic) opinion is that, as a programmer, I think of one possibility; they have setup everything correctly but they probably have not linked the queries into the DV 2016 database. Specifically, I think that they have the queries directed to the DV 2015 database hence all confirmation numbers will be given a NOT SELECTED notice. What they need to do is just correct that and we will all get proper results. For DV 2015, of the people I had submitted applications for, one was my nephew's. When I checked on the 1st of May last year, his was NOT SELECTED and then after they sent an email to all applicants to recheck the status the next day, he was RANDOMLY SELECTED! Therefore, I think the query was the case last year and it is the case this year. "

Qué opinais? Puede que no esté todo dicho?