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DV 2016 - Información, experiencias, dudas, comentarios, etc.

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@sergiocanada Esto dicen informaticos en el otro foro:

"They wouldn't be manually creating letters for everyone and uploading, the whole thing would be database driven with an application stack dynamically generating the documents for viewing with your unique details based on the credentials supplied when "logging in".

I dare say there's probably some load balancers/application delivery controllers and the visible content for the unsuccessful applications doesnt require backend calls to the above mentioned application stack as it's just static content (same for everyone).

So, in plain English speak, given how web apps are typically deployed I suspect those getting the errors are successful and the error is due to something broken in that back end application stack used to do the dynamic document generation."


"You can cause the session timed out error. Multiple windows, clicking back and yes - actually letting the session time out.

However, what we are talking about is someone who consistently enters the information and gets the session timed out error - and in my tests I can alternate between not selected cases and "interesting" cases with 100% predictability. So - that rules out network issues, browser issues, server load and so on. There is something "different" about the 3 interesting cases I have.

The programming logic would go like this.

Check the login data against a database.

Is the case selected?

If No - easy - just put up the standard not selected message that 99% of people see.

If Yes - the system has to go and retrieve the 1NL which is a prepared letter (a "report" in IT terms).

The yes logic means an extra step would have to be made. That would require access to the letter image, or at least the data that is filled into a form (but I believe it is an image based on previous years 1NLs).

Hope that explains why the IT geeks are leaning a certain way... could be wrong of course - just an educated guess."

Puede que no signifique nada, pero tendría lógica, supongo...