Trabajo: Scam "oferta" de trabajo en USA

No sé si le podrá ser útil a alguien ya que no es la primera vez que se habla aquí de este tipo de estafas. Por si acaso aquí dejo la última que me ha llegado, donde ya desde el principio dejan muy claro que hay que pagar los gastos del (supuesto) visado a un (supuesto) abogado.
No adjunto la offer letter, pero son condiciones que nadie en su sano juicio rechazaría, y es que quien no piensa pagar no escatima en ofrecer.
La novedad: La supuesta empresa tiene una web realmente buena.
Por supuesto el dominio, al final resulta ser de Ghana.



After total screening processes conducted by our Screening Department,
The Management of Royal Gas Lines Las Vegas, Nevada United States are
satisfied & contented with your credentials. We are pleased to offer you
an initial full time position in Royal Gas Lines Las Vegas, Nevada
United States, We are pleased to formally offer you an assignation to
work with us for the provision Expatriates Relation Services for the
period duly specified in your Offer Letter, Please find attached Soft
Copy of your Contract Terms of Employment for your perusal and immediate
action if the working order are acceptable by you. Upon thorough review
and acceptance of this Contract Package, include your signature in the
space indicated in the last page (Accept Job Offer) of the Contract and
return back to us the signed contract Offer letter via email attachment
You are to instantly contact ATTORNEY with the details stated underneath
to obtain your immigration clearance from the United State here in
Las Vegas, Nevada United States.

The Find below contact details of FIGUEROA FOREIGN AFFAIRS ATTORNEY for
Your prompt action.

Tel: +17023892119

Contact our Attorney with information above to process your immigration
clearance .

You are required to send to via e-mail scanned copies of the following
documents which will aid us to procure your Residence and Work Permit /
1. Scan copy of your valid passport
2. Scan copy of your recent full-face Colored Photographs.
3. Scan copy of your duly Signed Job Offer Letter
4.Scan copy of your passport photographs 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in

Thanks and have a nice day as we awaits your personality in this company
to contribute positively to the general growth of this company as well
as attain our vision for this .Should you require more information,
please feel free to contact us immediately;
According to the company policy,your immigration clearance proceedings
are to be taken care of by the Attorney assigned.As evidence of
eagerness to team up with the rest of the Project team,you are to first
shoulder the expenses of your immigration clearance through the Attorney
and the company will duly alongside procuring your Work/residence
permit and Visa to enable you live and work legally here in Las Vegas,
Nevada United States.
For More information, do not hesitate to contact us at Once; we
anticipate on Your response,write us .
please note that you will not require any interviews for this job due to
your experience in the job offered, rather on arrival here you will
undergo mandatory 2 week training/instruction on the position offered to
you Las Vegas, Nevada United States.

Thanks and best regards,
Human Resources Department.
Royal Gas Lines Ltd
Tel: +17027269222
walter scott
We at your services 24/7 hours

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