Trabajo: Lista de empleos mejor ypeor pagados en UK

These are currently 10 of the highest paying jobs in the UK:

Chief executives (and senior officials): £85,223*

Medical practitioners: £71,279

Information technology and telecommunications directors: £70,393

Marketing and sales directors: £68,245

Legal professionals n.e.c.: £61,544

Senior police officers: £59,037

Financial managers and directors: £55,504


Earning from £20,000 to £15,000 per annum:

Telephone salespersons: £19,712

Customer service occupations: £18,250

Dental nurses: £16,858

Call and contact centre occupations: £16,836

Fitness instructors: £16,529

Care workers and home carers: £16,093

Teaching assistants: £15,931

Receptionists: £15,900

Cooks: £15,640

Housekeepers and related occupations: £15,067

Earning from £15,000 to £10,000 per annum:

Pharmacy and other dispensing assistants: £14,826

Sales assistants and retail cashiers: £14,598

Cleaners and domestics: £14,436

Sales and retail assistants: £14,326

Playworkers: £14,142

Nursery nurses and assistants: £13,910

Kitchen and catering assistants: £12,904

Bar staff: £12,847

Waiters and waitresses: £12,429

Hairdressers and barbers: £12,138

*Salary figures based on annual gross mean pay for full-time employee jobs
The list above is by no means a comprehensive one and there are a number of other occupations that pay the same as a waiter or receptionist, for instance.

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