Idiomas: Palabras y expresiones en slang english

El slang es el término que se usa para el idioma coloquial, jerga o argot, expresiones que no se estudian en los cursos de inglés al uso, pero que es lo que se habla en la calle. ¿cómo aprender slang english? o buscando por internet recopilaciones para ir estudiando o simplemente viendo películas en versión original.

Una pequeña lista de 71 palabras (o conjunto de palabras) que es interesante conocer:

1. Any road: used in place of “any way,” primarily used in the north of Britain.

2. Baccy: shortened word for “tobacco;” also, “wacky backy” means marijuana.

3. Barmy: crazy, insane; always derogatory.

4. Bender: derogatory term for homosexual, like “poof.” (Note: You probably shouldn’t use it or you’ll get slapped, but it’s worthy of note for giving Futurama a very different meaning.)

5. Biggie: term children might use to describe feces; also, an erection.

6. Bits ‘n Bobs: various things. (Example: “My mother has a lot of Bits ‘n Bobs around the house.”)

7. “Bob’s your uncle!”: “There you go! You’ve got it!”

8. Bollocks: technically means “balls,” but often describes something seen as extremely negative or lacking in value; e.g. “total shit.”

9. “Bugger off!”: “Go away!” or “Leave me alone!” (Note: Bugger, used on its own, is akin to “Fuck!” or “Shit!”)

10. Chav: white trash.

11. Cheeky: to be not respectful of something, having a flippant or facetious attitude.

12. Chin Wag: to have a chat with someone.

13. Collywobbles: extreme queasiness or stomach pain brought on by stress, nervousness or anxiety.

14. Crusty Dragon: a piece of snot or booger.

15. Daft Cow: a very stupid person (See also: “Wazzock.”)

16. Dog’s Bollocks: extremely good or favorable, great

17. Dog’s Dinner: to be dressed nicely or look dapper.

18. Donkey’s Years: ages, as in “I haven’t seen you in ages!”

19. Fagged: disturbed, bothered or interrupted (Example: If one were studying for a test, one would not want to be “fagged.”)

20. Fall Arse Over Tit: to have an embarrassing fall or to topple over.

21. Fanny: vagina.

22. Fit: hot or sexually desirable.

23. The Full Monty: going all the way with it, going big instead of going home.

24. “Get stuffed!”: “Beat it” or “Scram!”

25. Gobby: loudly opinionated, offensive or prickish. (See: Donald Trump.)

26. Gobsmacked: amazed or awed by something.

27. Gormless: completely clueless, like Alicia Silverstone in the 90s film.

28. To Have A Butcher’s: to take a look at something or someone.

29. Her Majesty’s Pleasure: being incarcerated or put in prison.

30. “How’s Your Father?”: euphemism for sex (Example: “Have you and your wife had any of the ol’ ‘How’s your father?’ recently?”)

31. “I’m Off To Bedfordshire!”: “I’m hitting the hay!”

32. “It’s Monkeys Outside!”: “Wow, it’s very cold out!”

33. John Thomas: penis.

34. Knackered: phrase meaning “extremely tired,” often uttered after a long, exhausting day; also see: “zonked.”

35. Knees Up: A term for a mixer or a dance party (Example: “I went to this wild knees up this weekend. I wish you could have been there.”)

36. Legless: totally, completely hammered.

37. Lose The Plot: to go “crazy” or become mentally unstable.

38. Lurgy: sick or under the weather.

39. Made Redundant: to be fired or let go from one’s position.

40. Minted: to be extremely rich.

41. Off One’s Trolley: mad, out of one’s mind.

42. On The Piss: binge drinking solely for the purpose of getting totally smashed.

43. On The Pull: cruising for sexual intercourse.

44. Pavement Pizza: euphemism for puke or vomit.

45. “Pip pip!”: archaic, out-of-use phrase used to say goodbye.

46. Plonk: a pejorative word used to describe red wine of poor quality, usually purchased at little expensive.

47. Ponce: a poser.

48. Porkies: old Cockney rhyming word used to mean “lies.” (Example: If one is “telling porkies,” you’re telling lies.) Comes from “pork pies,” which rhymes with lies.

49. Puff: a fart.

50. Rumpy-Pumpy: amazing phrase used as a euphemism for sexual intercourse.

51. See A Man About a Dog: what you say as an excuse for leaving, in order to hide your destination; also, to excuse oneself to take a giant shit.

52. Shambolic: in a total state of bedlam, chaos or dismay.

53. Shirty: ill-tempered, insolent.

54. Skive: a character deemed particularly lazy or incapable of being of use.

55. Slap And Tickle: making out or heavy petting.

56. Slapper: a promiscuous female.

57. Spend A Penny: to use the restroom.

58. Snookered: to be in a bad situation, totally fucked or otherwise without a paddle.

59. Starkers: completely naked.

60. Stonker: a boner.

61. Strawberry Creams: hunger-inducing term for a woman’s breasts.

62. Sweet Fanny Adams: code for “Sweet fuck all”, meaning little to nothing at all. (Example: “I thought I had a chance with her, but I ended up with Sweet Fanny Adams.)

63. Taking The Piss: messing or screwing around.

64. Throw A Spanner In The Works: to make a mistake or fuck up something.

65. Tickety-Boo: phrase for when everything’s going great (Example: “All is tickety-boo in my world.”)

66. Todger: another word for “dick.”

67. Tosh: total bullshit, nonsense or rubbish.

68. Tosser: derogatory term for male masturbator, used to indicate that you look upon someone unfavorably. (Example: “He fancies himself the bee’s knees, but frankly he’s quite the wanker.”)

69. Twig And Berries: male genitalia, the penis and balls.

70. Up The Duff: pregnant or with child.

71. “Who blew off?”: “Who farted?”  [TC mark]




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