Estudiar en el extranjero: alojamiento en suecia uppsala!

Hola a todos!! necesito ayuda para encontrar alojamiento en Uppsala para el año que viene, soy estudiante y hare mi erasmus en esa ciudad, en verdad me gustaria aprender sueco, por ende si alguno de ustedes sabe alguna pagina o inmobiliaria que me ayude a buscar habitación para vivir con suecos, preferiblemente que sean estudiantes 22-25 años aproximadamente seria genial! y que me recomienden las zonas para vivir que sea barata y no tan lejos del campus!

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Well, your question is sort of hard to answer because there are many factors that would affect the price of accommodation in Sweden. Do you want your own apartment? Do you want at your own bathroom kitchen

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Lund is a decent decision obviously, yet you may find that there aren't that numerous fundamental modified for universal understudies with educational cost in English, the vast majority of these have all the earmarks of being Master or postgraduate plans. The other issue obviously is money - as a non-EU resident you would need to pay educational cost expenses, and the typical cost for basic items in addition, as Swedish Universities don't have their own settlement.

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