Dudas legales: Run UK business while living in Spain

Does anyone have legal/tax information on how to run your UK business while living in Spain?

I run my own UK limited company and have recently moved to Barcelona. First I was advised to become autonomo but as my company is already set in the UK I have now been told it would be best to keep my company as is and pay corporation tax to the UK and income tax in Spain on wages.

I am quite confused with all this and am struggling to find a good accountant/gestor. Any help would be appreciated.

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Maybe it would be more efficient for you to post your question in a forum for british people living abroad (or in a facebook group). I am sure that there are hundreds of britons living in Spain that faced the same problem than you. In this forum, if lucky, you would only find advise from spanish people living in UK, but the info they can give you might not be as relevant...

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