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despido improcedente intership j1

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@lofishde en teoria trabajas para el sponsor... otra cosa es que se haya generalizado el chanchullo de traigo becarios y los subcontrato.

How can I work for an employer other than the program sponsor?

A J-1 holder may only perform the activity listed on his/her Form DS-2019, or as provided for in the regulations for the specific category for which entry was obtained and with the approval of the Sponsor’s Responsible or Alternate Responsible Officer.

@IntershipJ1SD Mirate esto en la pagina oficial...

Who should I contact if I have a concern and it is not being addressed by my sponsor?

The State Department has activated a helpline to ensure the health and safety of its exchange participants. Among other prohibitions, no sponsor may threaten program termination, or otherwise retaliate against a participant solely because he or she has instituted a complaint or taken action to gain assistance from an outside entity regarding a complaint. Participants can contact the State Department at any time via the hotline 1-866-283-9090 or at

Y sobre lo que pasa a tu visado si el sponsor te echa:

What will happen to my J-1 Visa status if my exchange visitor program sponsor terminates my exchange visitor program?

If your sponsor terminates your participation in their exchange program for just cause, the sponsor will enter this information into SEVIS and you will be expected to depart the United States immediately. You will not be entitled to the post-completion 30-day period because you did not successfully complete your program.