Chambao en Warwick Arts Centre (Coventry)

Chambao, the platinum selling purveyors of Flamenco chill are at the technological frontier of Spain's reinvention of Flamenco. Somewhere between the organic passion of gritty flamenco of the barrios of Andalucia and the electronic sound of Ibiza, Chambao are stadium fillers in their own country.

Chambao exploded on to the scene in 2002 with their self titled debut, and inclusion in the monster selling Flamenco Chill series guaranteed them a huge following. They were soon branded 'Flamenco Chillout', a way of defining a music that mixes the outdoor element of Flamenco with the indoor element of chillout. Time has proved Chambao to be one of the only groups capable of creating artistically viable songs from two such disparate elements. With their recently released album Con Otro Aire, their sound captures the spirit of Spain's fiesta lifestyle and has become the sound-track to thousands of beach parties.

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