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¿Necesario estudios en UK o master degree para trabajar en Reino Unido?

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Pero no en todas las carreras es un 5to curso, ya os digo que en Imperial, la carrera de informática son 3 años y si haces en 4to terminas con un MEng.

Por cierto, si que hay diferencía entre MEng y MSEng:

What’s the difference between an MEng and a Masters/MSc degree in engineering?

An MEng is an ‘integrated masters degree’ that extends your undergraduate studies to postgraduate level. Your progression from undergraduate to postgraduate study must be effectively uninterrupted, which is why it has to be completed within four years of your first degree.

An MSc or specialist masters (something like ‘Master of Software Engineering’, for example) is a free-standing degree that can be undertaken at any stage in your academic and professional development. It is therefore suitable for graduates returning to study after a period in employment. It requires more in-depth individual project work than an MEng. For historical reasons, an Open University MSc degree consists of a postgraduate diploma followed by a research project.